Sunday, September 9, 2018

Card #8

One of the papers in the kit has this flower market design.  I fussy cut the awning and the flowers.  Yes, I did cut all around those tiny flowers with scissors.  Instead of using a plain white paper behind these two elements, I decided to use the Green Apple card stock.  It was also in the kit.  

I'm going to give you a little lesson about card stock.  It comes in different weights.  It ranges from 65 lb. to 120 lb.  The higher the number the heavier the paper.  I usually use 110 lb. white card stock as the base for my projects.  It gives a nice sturdy backing to whatever I'm putting on top and it also holds up well for displaying.  The 80 lb. is good for card fronts which will be attached to the base.  They are also good for coloring with markers or lots of embellishments.  The surface is very smooth on all the weights I use.  If I'm going to watercolor an image or even the entire background, I can't use the same paper.  It will pill and disintegrate under all the water.  In that case I use 140 lb. watercolor paper.  

I backed the Fresh Flowers sticker with a piece of rose card stock to make it stand out and to connect it to the colors in the flower strip.  

Fresh Flowers anyone?
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