Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lovable Leopards

I was itching to work with this leopard stamp set.  I know someone who is a wild animal lover and thought this would be the perfect card for her.  

Lovable Leopards

So cute and lovable, as stamps of course.  I'd like to keep the real ones at a distance, for now at least.  

I have the dies and stamps for this set so the card came together pretty easy.  It was mostly deciding on the design and coloring the leopard and the birds.  

I love how the dies leave a nice white border around the images.  It's a great contrast to the colors.  I used Glossy Buttermilk Nuvo Crystal Drops to add an extra detail and texture.  It's like liquid enamel in a bottle.  You can squeeze out tiny, big or bigger dots on your project or craft mat and they will dry perfectly round and hard.  They come in tons of colors and there's even a line of glitter ones.  

Nuvo Crystal Drops - Buttermilk

The more I use them the more I love them.  

That wraps it up for today and another month.  See you soon!

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