Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Scream Ice Cream

I have been busy.  Ice cream up to my eyeballs, which is higher than my mouth by the way.  I've been wanting to play with a Stampin' Up! stamp and die set ever since I got it several months ago.  Since its officially summer, it seemed like a good time.  
I'm going to show you the finished cards first and then some of the process it took to put this ice cream project together.  

Lots and lots of ice cream cards!  

Both the stamp and dies have lots of small pieces so it makes sense to create several cards at the same time while all the supplies are out.  Now, here is some of the chaos of the last 2 days. 

 Cones, scoops, hot fudge anyone?

It takes awhile to coordinate all the papers and cardstock.  

I think building a real ice cream treat is a lot easier.

Finally, the cards are coming together.  
I wish I had little clean up elves that would make the desk all pretty again and all the supplies back where they belong.  Any takers?  Oh well, at least I have lots of beautiful cards that I hope will make someone happy.  Thanks for stopping by.
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