Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sensational Sliders

Day 4 of Camp Create is here.  My Favorite Things is sponsoring this week long event with fun and prizes.  Today's challenge is to make a card project and incorporate a slider element.  This is a fairly new concept and takes special equipment.  So I'm fudging a little.  I'm still creating movement on my card, just in a different way.  

I chose this hula girl so that I could attach a wobble sticker behind her.  She now does the hula dance!  The wobble action sticker is a spring like element that attaches to the card and also to the image of whatever you'd like to make wobble.  When you touch the girl she moves and shakes around.  It's really very cute.  I used a dark kraft paper with a red stripe down the side as my front panel.  I then cut an oval shape in a lighter kraft paper.  I love the pretty flowers and I think the sentiment speaks to the happy mood of the card.  I finished it off with some sequins.  

I worked pretty long and hard on this card so I am claiming my badge for today.  

Tomorrow I get to play with glitter!  Oh boy, oh boy.

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