Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Plugging Along

Isn't it interesting how you can go along in life day after day and keep to a routine and do all the chores and work on a project until you drop and try to fit in a little fun and help the family stay together and try to maintain a positive attitude and.....then life throws you a curve.  

It happens to everyone.  It's called life for a reason.  
I love this card because it reminds me of just plugging along.  Except when you think about it, this is a bicycle built for two, so we don't have to go it alone.  We have lots of people in our lives to help us keep going.  

I am very grateful to have special friends and family to rely on.  We also benefit from being there for others.  It makes us feel good and worthwhile.  And while strength in ourselves is beneficial, it is  strength with our God, Jehovah, that will give us everlasting life.  

"Do not be afraid.  Stand firm and see the salvation of Jehovah."
 Ex. 14:13

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