Sunday, September 20, 2015

Coral Roses

I have another watercolor card to show you today.  This one, however, is a more controlled design.  I used the smooth side of my favorite paper and stamped a flower design in the corner.  I used a crisp black pigment ink that doesn't smear.  This is especially important when you're using water based markers or paint.  

I decided to color in the leaves with a couple of different grays.  And then I went to work on the roses, making them a coral pink.  When I started this card, I was playing with the blending of the colors and it turned out so well I decided to make it into a card.  

Pretty, right?

The sentiment reminds me of that TV show The Golden Girls.  The theme song had that phrase, "Thank you for bein' my friend".  

Hey, I think I'm pretty golden, at least in years and beyond.  How about you?

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