Saturday, August 8, 2015

Crazy Birds

Almost everyone knows who Tim Holtz is.  Everyone in the craft world, for sure.  He is a genius with ink and paint.  He recently released a stamp set called Bird Crazy.  It consists of several "kooky" birds and there are now dies to match so you can cut out the birds for your projects.  I like to call them Crazy Birds.  

Even though they are crazy, they are CUTE.  Soon there will be accessory stamps so the birds can wear hats, etc.  I got busy and made this card.  

I felt like the crazy bird deserved a special background so I got out my watercolor paper.  I shaved off a small amount of blue-green Gelato on my craft mat.  I mixed in some Gesso.  These are all mixed media products and I'm just starting to play with some of them.  The Gesso is a semi thick gel medium that painters use to prepare their work canvas.  Gelatos are a waxy crayon like stick that you can color with or use in projects like this one.  I smeared some of the colored Gesso on my paper with a palate knife, covering only certain areas.  I let it dry for a few hours.  When it's dry, it sits on top of the paper and resists any other products you put on top of it.  I then used mango and lemon Gelatos to color the paper.  You don't have to worry about being careful because the colors glide over the blue-green areas.  So cool.  

You can see in this close up photo what I mean.  When you get the paper how you like, then you use a paper towel to wipe over the colored Gesso part.  Do you see how the brighter colors get down into the fibers of the paper?  

I played around with coloring the crazy bird and then cut him out with the matching die.  Even though I wanted to showcase the background, I felt like it overwhelmed the card.  So I cut small stripes off one end to leave some white space for the eye to follow.  

He is a Crazy Bird or Bird Crazy, whatever!  I like him.  Can't wait to stamp some of the others.  


  1. Haha! He looks a bit like me when I wake up every morning! Yet somehow, he's cute...and I am not! Like the background!

  2. Nice card! I´m crazy about those birds haha