Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Valentina Doll Art Page

I have a post today featuring one of the Julie Nutting doll stamps.  This is the page I created for February.  The doll's name is Valentina.


I love her flirty dress!  I guess I was thinking a lot about spring coming and it seems to be reflected in this page.  I chose a pretty sky blue pattern paper for the background and used some vanilla paper for the stamped hills.


Love, love, love her dress!  I paper pieced it using two papers that had soft colors.  This is a somewhat tedious process.  The dress is stamped on two different papers and then cut with sharp scissors.  I glued the polka dot paper over the stamped doll and then glued the plaid paper on top of that.  I added tiny pearls down the front.


Her hat was created the same way.  The small polka dot paper is glued over the plaid paper hat cut out.  A slit is cut so it can fit over her head.


I stamped tiny stars, some with trails, some with faces, in gray ink to create subtle movement to the background.  The sentiment I chose reflects my feeling for EVERYONE I love.


"Valentina's" friend is the perfect complement to the prim and proper doll page.  As always, I stamped the both doll images on tiny text paper.  I love the way this looks.


All of my doll pages are 6" x 9", the perfect size to fit into an album when I'm finished.  I need to hurry up and do March and April so I can catch up.  Check back soon!

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  1. So very cute. Love the way it all ties together so well.