Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To My Little Sis

I love my supporters!  Family, friends, blog followers.  It's nice to be recognized by people who love and support me.  So today, I'm celebrating one of YOU!  My little sister, Linda.


I love the structure of this card plus the striking color scheme.  It came together quite by accident but a lovely accident for sure.  Notice how the arrows are pointing in an upward direction on the background paper?  I'm mentally sending good thoughts to you sis.  We all have our challenges to face but some of us get more than our fair share.  I want you to know that only good thoughts are coming from me to you.


I also love how the sentiment panel is tilted sideways.  Isn't life like that sometimes?  Sideways, upside down, spun around and tilted.  I also appreciate how the good thoughts get sent back my way.  You are special.


One more observation.  If you remove one of the o's from good, guess what it spells?  Yes, I'm also sending God thoughts your way.  Love you bunches!!!

1 comment:

  1. This is so very special. Thanks big sis! I love the card and it's sentiment! I thank God I have you in my life!