Monday, March 23, 2015


Usually I am showcasing my cards and writing a post to tell a story.  Today I am changing it up and have a different card to show you.  We card makers tend to think that our handmade creations are the best but I want to show you a card I received recently from a special girlfriend.


This card is special in more ways than one.  First, it was sent to me by my best friend.  Also, I was impressed with the elements of the card that puts it in the creative category.  Notice the embossed background.  The raised design adds texture and movement.  Also the colors and pattern remind me of fun papers I use and collect.


I wish I had a stamp with this saying.  Isn't it great!  Anyone who has a special relationship with a girlfriend knows what I'm talking about.  I even love the different color for the "girlfriend" word and the font of the sentiment is very girly.  On the actual card the word girlfriends is raised and shiny, like it was heat embossed.  So handmade.


Ok, this water color looking butterfly is just over the top pretty.  It also looks shiny and heat embossed.


This is a Blue Mountain Arts card and is from their Watercolor Feelings line.  I love my special card and the special girlfriend who sent it to me.  I know she searched and chose a card that would reflect her thoughts about our relationship and I'm happy that she found one.  There is a place for handmade crafts, but there is also plenty of room for companies who make quality products.

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