Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Watercolor Wash Background 1

The first project in my watercolor class is to create a soft watercolor wash using a stencil.  Here's what that means.  I used a piece of watercolor paper and a couple of paint colors.  I chose a pretty purple and a touch of blue.  Using a lot of water to dilute the intensity of the paint I swirled the colors around.  There is no rhyme or reason for putting the paint to the paper.  As soon as I was happy with the design I taped a stencil to the wet paper.


This is what it looked like after it dried and I removed the stencil.  A pretty cool look.  Now I was ready to create a card with this unique background.  I wanted a simple card so that the background would be the star.


I chose a navy cardstock for the base and cut a small tag shape.  I stamped the sentiment in navy ink and punched a hole so I could thread a ribbon through and taped it to the back.


I loved trying this technique.  The results will always be different.


I would love to hear your comments on my project.  Thanks!

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