Monday, December 1, 2014

Watercolor Exercise

I'm always looking to improve in my craft techniques and stretch my enjoyment in my projects.  I'm taking an online watercolor class and I will post my journey so you can share in the process.

 Clean & Simple Card Making 2

One of the exercises that is recommended before you start the class is to get familiar with your paint mediums.  I purchased a quality set of watercolors that is manufactured in Japan.  The set has 36 beautiful colors, including one pearl, one gold and one copper.


The colors are highly concentrated so only a small amount is used.  They should last a very long time.


Aren't they gorgeous!  The lid of the box is printed with a chart numbering each of the colors and a small space beside it.


I love the pretty Japanese writing under the number.  The best way to see how the color looks is to paint it on a good surface.  Yes, the little square next to the number.  Here's how mine looked when I finished.


All the pretty rainbow colors!  Of course the more water you use reduces the intensity of the color so it can be as vibrant or as muted as you want for the project.  I'm really excited to get started with the class and will post some projects along the way.  Here's a close up of the pearl and metallic colors.


We will also be using other mediums in the class, like markers, inks, and pencils.  This should be lots of fun!

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