Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Halfway There Now

Today's calendar page is for the month of June.  Of course, June is "busting out all over" with summer color and sunshine.  Once in a while a rain shower may come along and with it a pretty rainbow.  That thought led me to creating my page.  I used paper from Daydream Designs.  Nest to Sky was my choice.  This is a paper from a pack that coordinates with my bird images from the May calendar page from yesterday.  I resized it to fit my 6" x 6" background and I was ready to go.

I recolored the calendar to a pretty aqua color to stand out from the background.  The scene I created was easy.  The images are from Pumpkins and Sunflowers.


I used the connecting fence and put two together to fit the space.  I then started layering the sunflowers in front.  I resized them to different heights so it seemed very real.  I added the blackbird at the end of the fence.  He's waiting for the seeds to ripen fully before plucking them to eat!  Think of the possibilities with this set of images.  You get 11 for $3.95.  You must take a peek tomorrow.  There will be a surprise.


  1. Beautiful! Love the colored background!

  2. What a fun combination. Love the sunflowers against the rainbow background. These are all so fun. I gotta make some!!!