Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter Card Set and Accordian Holder

I have been busy with lots of projects lately.  I am also getting a facelift for my website.  I will have new merchandise for sale and a surprise announcement tomorrow.

Today, however, I want to show you a set of winter cards I made along with a accordian file holder to keep them neat.

It was difficult to get all the cards and holder in the photo.  You can see most of the cards here and the holder is tucked in the background.

 Isn't this a great place to store all your pretty cards!  It was fairly easy to put together.  The holder is about 9 x 12.  It's basically a decorated front and back with pleated sides and a flat bottom.  I used some wintery paper, cardstock letters and sticker elements to emphasize the theme.  I cut some coordinating cardstock and scalloped the edges to make the transition between the two pattern sections.

This is the back of the holder.  Why should it be plain?  I punched out an oval shape to make a handle.

Here you can see the side with the pleated cardstock.  I attached it with sticky tape to the front and back.  Now for the cards.

This card has a pocket that holds a tag.

And finally,

This set of cards and matching holder to carry them would make a perfect gift for someone.  Ready made cards for you or them to send out to friends all winter.


  1. oh my word Vicki this is amazing that card holder is adorable and I love all those winter themed card beautiful work lady.

  2. This is such a neat idea and a fabulous collection of cards!

  3. Not to make anyone jealous or anything...but I got to see this in real life...and it is even better viewed that way. It's gorgeous...just stunning. What an amazing gift it would make. Love it, Vicki....and you know how I oooohed and ahhhhhed over it at the time!

  4. These are all amazing!! Wonderful card set!!