Friday, March 16, 2012

Gingerloft Challenge

A few weeks ago my daughter who lives in Washington state sent me a surprise package.  It had the cutest Hello Kitty knee socks and a jar of cherry preserves.  I love the items of course but the fact that she sent it for no reason was really special.  The label on the package even said Mom.  Washington is very far away from Missouri and it's been almost a year since I've seen her.  I wanted to make a card that told her how special she is and how much I appreciate her.

I started with a sunny yellow cardstock base.  I have some scraps of paper that went well together.  I used the Gingerloft image,  Flowering Tree.  You can find it on the Gingerloft website.  I colored, matted it and made it the focal point of the card.  I found some sentiment words that fit exactly what I wanted to say.  I stamped those and then added 3 pretty yellow buttons on the side.  I will send it off to her in the mail next week.  Why, won't she be surprised to get something from ME!


  1. Vicki - Love this card in the green and yellow - makes it very spring like.Loved your story about the Hello Kitty socks - Don't you just love those kind of gifts, Elizabeth (Gingerloft)

  2. Absolutely luv what you did with the tree. The colors all go well together.

  3. Beautiful, Vicki! Love the bright and cheery colors. I know it will brighten her day and that your love for her will cross the miles and she will see it the minute she opens the card.

  4. That is sooo sweet! I sure hope my daughter things of me when she leaves home (this summer)! You must really miss her. I know I will! What a darling card! I have yet to play with that is only a matter of time though. :)
    Karen C