Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hi there. You're at the blog of Pink Posh Cards. I'm so excited about my new venture. Please visit my web store and browse around. I would love your comments about the look and products I'm featuring. This is just the beginning. I will continually add items and products. It's quite an undertaking to get ready for a project like this. I'd like to elaborate on several aspects of this process. So, I'm going to start with the design of the website first.

 I have an advantage in this area.  One of the first things to decide is who will be your webmaster.  I’m sure there are lots of options and it would be overwhelming to pick someone to put your trust in.  My son Chris, and owner of Palm Tree Info Tech, did an excellent job of designing the vision for my business.  I gave him some specific guidelines, clip art, colors and information.  He provided me with a rough draft and I, of course had to tweek it.  I love how it all came together.  Thank you Chris!!!

 The name for your business is very important.  It took some thinking and planning to get it just right.  After finally deciding on the name, it’s necessary to see if it can be “bought”.  Chris took care of registering the domain for me and I also don’t have to worry about hosting the site.  He does that also.  See, there is a lot to it. 

 One important area is your shopping cart.  I had no idea what was involved.  You want to make it easy for your customers to choose the items they want.  And also the checkout process.  Most people are familiar with Paypal.  It’s an online secure payment service that allows customers to purchase products with absolutely no hassles.  But it’s necessary to get all the settings correct so Paypal interacts with your shopping cart.  I had a little trouble with this but Chris walked me through it. 

 In another post I will talk about what is involved in uploading products to your cart.  Just to say.  It’s an ongoing process.

 I am also getting a new template for this blog that matches my web design.  That is still in the works but should be ready soon.  So look for that change. 

 Thanks for visiting Pink Posh Cards

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  1. Well....I just think it's all wonderful. I'm so excited for you. Love the look here already, but how fun to have it all matchy-matchy! Love the side-bar here. Very user friendly. So this is a website...not a blogger thing anymore right? I've thought of that several times, but the prospect of starting from scratch is so intimidating to me. I guess there's no way to import all your posts from blogger to here is there?...You've done a beautiful job...congrats to you and Chris!